Facility information

Service menus

Morning light meals


■Breakfast of Goyah-so

We provide the mornig light meals. “Chinbin (Okinawa-style brown sugar crepe)” (free) is a pancake as gentle sweetness of brown sugar. “100 yen Okinawa soba” are available to cook easily.
Perfect for waking up in a relaxing Okinawan morning.

There are also a morning market, a bakery and a supermarket within a 10-minute walk. We will introduce details at check-in.

Cooking experience of Okinawa cuisine for dinner (pay)


■Okinawa cooking experience

Have fun cooking and eating Okinawa cuisine in the Goyah-so kitchen! Cooking standerd dishes made in ordinary Okinawan homes such as Goya champuruu and Yaki soba. You can learn and eat.

  • Menus
    Goya Champloo(Fried bitter melon)
    Fuu Champloo(Fried wheat bran)
    Koza-style ketchup flavor Okinawa yakisoba
    Baked pork luncheon meat and eggs.
    Ninjin siri siri(Fried carrots with tuna, eggs)

  • Charge is 700 yen per meal. 500 yen per meal for multiple meals of the same menu.
    For example, in the case of 2 people, 1 person is Fu Champloo and 1 person is Okinawa Yakisoba, 700 yen each (1,400 yen in total). Both of them are 500 yen each for Fu Champloo (1,000 yen in total).

* Reservation required. Because it is a cooking experience, guests will be cooked. Please check in before 18:00.

Ji-mamy tofu cooking experience (pay)


■Ji-mamy tofu cooking experience

What is Ji-mamy Tofu?
“Ji-mamy” means peanuts an Okinawan word. “ji-mamy tofu” is like a peanuts pudding.
It is appendage to set meals and Okinawan kaiseki dishes.
Although it is an accessory, it is not very noticeable, but you try to eat it, you feel the scent of peanuts, the taste of sweet and spicy soy sauce, smoothly down to throat. Probably you come to like about it.

It can be cooked in about 30 minutes, and you can enjoy it not only for dinner but also for breakfast, snacks, and with awamori(Okinawan sake), at any time.

  • Charge
    400 yen for 1 person
    600 yen for 2 people (300 yen per person)
    More than 3 people 200 yen per person
    * 5-6 pieces (90ml plastic cup) will be completed for one person.
    * Up to 5 people are accepted.

    Free of charge (up to 3 people) for customers and groups with a stay of 10,000 yen or more
    100 yen discount if you experience with Okinawa cooking experience.

  • Experience time about 30 minutes Reservation required.
    10:00 am ~ (Application: 20:00 the night before)
    16:30 pm ~ (Application: 10:00 am on the day)
    From 18:00 pm (Application: by 12:00 noon on the day)



We have free parking is possible for total of 4 cars.

Pick up service from/to Highway bus stop


We serve for guests traveling on buses that do not use rental cars.
We will pick you up at “Okinawa South” bus stop for free.
If you wish to ask this service, please inform us the following details by the day before. We will guide you to the best bus route and time.
(In some cases, a local bus may be more convenient.)

・Preferred date
・Rough arrival time

Rental bicycle service


We will lend you a privately owned bicycle.
We have two bicycles.
It are “granny’s bike” for shopping or slowly strolling.
It are unsuitable to go to long distance or sports use.

▼▽▼ Note ▼▽▼

  • This service is only during the stay period. You can’t use it for example you will stay on the first day of your trip, after check-out you rent a few days and stay in another place, come back and stay here and return it.
  • We will ask you about the usage time in advance.
  • If you wish to have more than 3 cars, we will introduce you to nearby bicycle rentals, so please rent them yourself.
  • There is no auxiliary seat for children, so it is not possible to lend to children with small children.



  • Paid

    Washing machine 100 yen once

  • Free

    Towel / Toothbrush (in guest room)
    Soap, shampoo, conditioner (attached in the shower room)
    Hair dryer, cotton swab, interdental brush, disposable shaver, shaving foam, makeup remover, contact lens cleaning solution (in the bathroom corner)



■Free Wi-Fi is available.

Accept a home delivery service

A home delivery service can be shipped from our hostel. Japan area only.